Our Manifesto

We are millennials. We are GEN z's.We are BLACK, INDIGENOUS, and PEOPLE OF COLOR.

this is a digital media company for audiences like us.


Here's what we are doing. 

join us on our journey!

Phase One

We are laying down the dopest podcasts covering political topics pertinent to millennials of color. Check out out Podcast tab to listen to our episodes for "Pass the Mic" and learn more about our host and content. Stay tuned for our bi-weekly podcasts that will feature a new guest each episode!

Phase TWO

We are inspired by our communities. That's super important to us, so we want to stay rooted by creating novel outreach programs that help steer our programming in the right direction. We are going to open a syndicated blog to make room for community voices. Think along the lines of Blavity or Medium. 

We know you are excited for our blog. Don't worry, content is dropping spring 2019!


Here's what we need from you.

This is the ask.
— every startup ever

Financial Support

We need start up funds to launch our kick-off, plan summer programming, secure a safe workplace, and pay our creative team what is due. If you are able to donate, you may do so here. 

where your donation goes


hype people

If you're pinched for coin, we could really use your social influence. Follow and bump us in your social networks and start buzzing. We'll supply the amazing content, you supply your best set of listening ears.

gung-ho creatives

Our team is all-hands-on-deck and is open to hearing your ideas for contribution. If you're passionate about our mission, our core development team works tirelessly to keep up administration duties and we would love to add more people. 


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