There is a large and growing population of First Generation Millennials and Generation Z’s of color in the Midwest (e.g., Somali, Latino, African American, Indigenous, Black, and Hmong.) These communities do not have a digital source of news and entertainment that caters to their unique perspectives and ideologies.


WEPOD is a digital news and entertainment media company that engages perspectives on current and political events while unapologetically challenging dominant conventional thinking. We aim to serve a diverse population with different perspectives and ideologies while maintaining cultural competence through an original and unique way of reporting and news entertainment.


A digital source of news and entertainment that caters to communities of color through an original and unique way of reporting and news entertainment.



Currently, the WePod platform is comprised of one channel. Soon, we will be launching our second channel!

Our first channel consists of an English podcast, hosted by a woman of color. The podcast features a special guest every week, as this provides an opportunity to give our communities a chance to speak and share their lived experiences on critical topics. 

The second channel will launch in Spring 2019 in the form of an online journal which aims to report, blog, and share our own research and stories. Our Journal exposes our audience to our personal “journals” with the intention of creating community and helping us expand by creating credibility. An additional benefit of this strategy is the reduced audience dependence on one source, podcasting.

Each of WePod’s channels is guided with the same intention: to listen, reflect, ask questions, and maybe find answers to our current events. WePod will always unapologetically challenge dominant narrative through their cultural lens.

New digital news and entertainment media startups have restructured the way we interact and absorb media coverage and culture. Our competitors like: Blavity, Crooked Media, Mic, attn, Vox News, and Mitú launched within the last five years and gained global exposure through their creative, diverse, and relevant content while concurrently building a strong social entrepreneurship network.

These digital media companies have developed an audience and follower base through niche-demographics (culture, ethnic group, generational demographics, location, e.g.) that enables them to compete with mainstream media.

Our company has the opportunity to explore and gain an unexplored Midwestern market with lots of potential. Our demographics and potential customer(s) and audience(s) will be based in the Midwest Region: Twin Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. There is the opportunity to expand at a national level as WePod continues to grow.

Why us?

We are Millennials. We are Gen Z's. We are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and this is a digital media company aimed at audiences like us. Every single member of the team brings their own community network and expertise to the project, all eager to learn and build successful a social entrepreneurship venture. As shown in the brief-market analysis, there isn’t anything like WePod media at this time; we have all the ingredients to make this project succeed as a social entrepreneurship startup within the upcoming years.

If you’re not convinced by now, think about what our Founder’s past passion project, Hablando Franco Podcast, has been able to do without marketing the product or any external capital invested. It was featured in the MN Daily, MN Post, and Univision Minnesota – within the first two months of production. In addition, Hablando Franco was named as one of the top five social innovations links in March of 2017 by the New Profit - a company located in Boston.


Did we convince you?

We could not do this work without your support!